I live in a flat. Can I get an EV home charger grant and which is the best EV home charging station?

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Until early 2022, there was an EV home charger grant for installing an EV charging point at your property. However, the government has done away with the EV Homecharging Scheme (EVHS). But you can still apply for grants if you own or rent a flat, live in rented accommodation, or own and rent out (but don’t live in) a property.

Be warned, it’s not as simple and straightforward as it used to be. And you have to comply with multiple conditions. We outline them below.

How much is the EV home charger grant?

The government’s EV Chargepoint Grant offers either £350 or 75% (whichever is lower) off the cost of buying and installing an EV charging point.

If you’re a landlord, you can apply for up to 200 grants a year for residential properties.

Assuming you’re eligible, the fitter will charge you the discounted rate. They will then claim back the grant from the government.

Who can apply for an EV home charger grant?

There are multiple individuals and organisations who’re entitled to the grant. To make things simpler, we’ve cut them down to only those that apply in a domestic context.

These are:

  • A landlord(s) with a property to let
  • A residents’ management company
  • A company or person owning a property’s freehold (but not living there)
  • Someone who rents or owns a flat with an off-street parking space
  • The owner of an eligible vehicle (who lives in a flat or rented accommodation).

The property must be in the UK. It must be a house or flat and in an apartment block.

The parking space that you want to install a charge point at must be:

  • Off-street, private and clearly defined
  • Accessible to the tenant/you at all times
  • Owned by you or you must have a legal right to it.

You should also be able to prove that you have the correct permission to lay the cable over any public or private land that it might have to cross to reach your parking space.

If you own the flat and the charging point is for you, you must prove you:

  • Have an eligible vehicle
  • Have leased one for at least six months
  • Use one for work and have done so for six months
  • Have one on order.
home charging grant
Government approved charging points come in all shapes and sizes

Who can’t apply for an EV home charger grant?

You may not apply if you:

  • Live in the property
  • Rent it out as a holiday let
  • Rent the parking spaces from someone else (ie. don’t have a share in the parking)
  • Have already claimed from the EVHS scheme
  • Are moving house or planning to move
  • Already have a charge point but it’s not compatible with your car
  • Live in a house that you own
  • Have an existing charge point that you want to move.

When you apply for an EV home charger grant

You must use an Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) approved installer. You will find these on this government website. Be aware there are different approved installers depending on whether you’re having the charger installed at a residential or commercial property. Quotes will vary depending on the supplier you go to so it’s well worth shopping around.

Some installers might recommend you have a Pod Point home charger for example, others will say steer clear of them at all costs. Some might be happy to supply a charge point, others will ask you to supply your own. If you do supply your own, it must be an approved model.

In advance, you must have any upgrades done to the property’s electrical supply if it’s required. You should also decide who pays for the electricity consumed and how they pay for it. And arrange regular maintenance for the charge point and ensure it’s accessible.

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