I want to charge an electric car at home. How do I go about applying for the EVHS?

charge an electric car

The EVHS is the Electric Vehicle Homecharging Scheme (EVHS). It was put in place to encourage drivers to buy electric cars by reducing the cost of having a home charging point installed. But following some government belt tightening, the EVHS was scrapped for houses at the end of March 2022. The EV chargepoint grant replaced it.

How much is the EVHS for?

If you’re going to do it as cheaply as possible, you want to charge an electric car at home. Currently the scheme enables anyone having a new charging point put into their home to claim back 75% of the overall installation cost up to £350 maximum. With charging points costing around £1,000 to install, it can make a big difference to set-up costs.

How does the EVHS work?

To benefit from the EVHS you must have an approved charging point installed by an approved installer. There are a wide range of approved charging points under the scheme and it’s not just the really expensive ones.

But any charging point will have to be ‘smart’. This was a way of the government future proofing and has the benefit that you can control charging with your smartphone.

If you want to plug the other end of this into a charging point at home, you’ve not got long to take advantage of the grant

How do you apply for the EVHS?

The way the EVHS works is you appoint an installer. They then apply for the grant on your behalf. You pay the installer the difference between the total cost and the amount of the grant you’re entitled to.

What are the steps for getting an EVHS?

With your installer you decide on the kind of charging point you want to charge an electric car. They will want to see your electrical installation to make sure it can cope with the charging point you want. They will also want to be sure that you are putting the charging point on your own land and not planning to drape a cable across the pavement to your car parked at the kerb.

The inspection might be in the form of a site visit; it might just be a questionnaire with accompanying photographs emailed to the installer. Once they’re happy that the charging point will work from a practical and legal point of view, they will go ahead and book you in.

How long does it take?

The above will probably take about five to six weeks altogether. Assuming your wiring doesn’t need upgrading – which can add significantly to the cost – actually wiring in the charging point should only take a couple of hours.

When do you have to apply?

If you want to take advantage of the EVHS and you live in a house, you must have the charging point installed by the end of March 2022. That means you should probably get in touch with your installer by the end of January to ensure you can take advantage of the scheme.

Are there any reasons for refusal?

You can’t just apply to have a charging point if you’re future proofing your house. You will need to show evidence that you are the owner of an EV. The grant might end for regular householders at the end of March 2022 but if you live in a flat or rent a property, you can still apply for the grant.

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